Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling Services LLC. is the leading recycling entity located in the of heart of Jebel Ali, Dubai. We offer complete recycling solutions across various industries throughout the United Arab Emirates. With over 30 years’ experience and expertise in e-waste & universal waste management, we provide tailor-made solutions for your e-waste management which are effective and efficient and we also commit to creating a safe and Eco-friendly atmosphere.

We at Madenat are aiming to support individuals and companies recover value of their used resources and increase market visibility through CSR initiatives. As a Dubai Municipality approved company we guarantee safe disposal of waste materials and we provide our customers with a Destruction/Recycling Certificate.

Our recycling process guarantees safe disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE), all kinds of lamps, all mercury bearing devices and universal waste. We provide our customers with a Recycling Certificate which helps companies in achieving their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) for keeping our environment clean and green.

Madenat’s Aim, Values & Principles (AVPs)

Vision: To inspire and encourage human race recover and reuse its resources.

Mission: To develop recycling solutions that continuously bring value to our customer’s growing expectations.

Aim: unites us in a common cause in improving our daily lives to help recover and reserve the earth resources. It is an inspiration for us to make a meaningful contribution to the universe.

Values: mirror the actions and etiquettes that shape how we interact with people in the business environment.

  • Accountability: Our approach is to be personally accountable for delivering on our promises.
  • Innovation: Utilize our expertise and know how to deliver unique solutions.
  • Respect: Our people are valued, encouraged and celebrated.
  • Strong Will: Our will & desire to succeed is exhibited in every business aspect.

Principle: represents our unique way of doing business.

Why should you choose us?

Technology: A fully fledged factory equipped with modern machinery that segregates & destructs the items to avoid disposal to landfill. Hence, ending the item’s life cycle.
Comprehensive Solution: We eliminate the need of waste service providers as our team can handle the safe collection and delivery of items in compliance with Dubai Municipality & global best practices.
Experience: We have established relationship with governing authorities to get proper documentation in timely manner.

Minimize Your Liability

We aim to make provisions for the collection and responsible recycling of some waste streams free of cost to promote and encourage recycling within the UAE communities. In addition, we offer Rebate Programs to assist offset company’s cost incurred during the life cycle of product.

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is at the core of everything Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling LLC does—in our company mission, every service we offer, how we train our employees, and in every facet of our operations. We not only meet legal requirements in our efforts to protect the environment, we surpass them in every possible way. When it comes to the health and safety of our employees, no detail is left to chance. All of our facilities are approved by Dubai Municipality. Finally, we have committed substantial resources to constructing and operating the most state-of-the-art lamps, all mercury bearing devices and electronics recycling facility to be found anywhere. It’s all part of being a truly global citizen, a friend of the earth.