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E-waste Recycling Services in UAE

We are here to serve those who care about the environment we live in, and cares about the environment our children and grandchildren will live in. With a zero landfill policy we are the only company in UAE who offers recycling of E-waste and lightbulbs together, we make sure to get rid of those hazardous materials and to reuse of the materials that can be reused. Now what is E-waste? Electronic waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered e-waste. We will continuously give you more information about the importance of recycling and the damages it causes when you don’t recycle. With our first blog post we would like to say only one more thing, “reuse, reduce, recycle”

Disposal Of Hazardous Mercury In Light Bulbs

It looks pretty and harmless, we know! But it’s not!

Mercury can damage human health because it is toxic to the nervous system — the brain and spinal cord — particularly the developing nervous system of a fetus or young child. Exposure during pregnancy is of most concern, because it may harm the development of the unborn baby’s brain. Some studies suggest that small increases in exposure may affect the heart and circulatory system. Isn’t that sad? Mercury is one of the most harmful pollutants faced by fish and wildlife.

Despite their low-mercury content, light bulbs are household necessities that need to be disposed of safely.

Mercury released into the air is the primary way that it gets into water and accumulates in fish, which can expose humans — who eat contaminated fish — to mercury.

According to the US Environment Protection Agency, most mercury vapor inside fluorescent light bulbs becomes bound to the inside of the bulb’s glass as it is used. The remaining mercury within a CFL, about 11 per cent, is released into the air or water when it reaches landfill and in all likelihood, gets crushed.

We want to encourage everyone, to start thinking about the side effects of not recycling and/or disposing mercury containing items in a correct way. Our blog is small, with limited amount of readers, but… we have to start creating the awareness somewhere. Please share if you agree!

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E-waste Recycling Services in Dubai and Why You Need to Have One

E waste services in Dubai and why you need to have one
Responsible recycling is more than just a mandatory process that every responsible corporate entity must carry out; it is a service towards the environment and to the society’s betterment. Recycling directly contributes towards green environment; in fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is the main ingredient of the clean environment initiative anywhere in the world. This article looks at the type of e-waste services that are available in Dubai and the reasons why you should have one.

What exactly are e-waste recycling services? 

E-waste recycling companies in Dubai offer plenty of recycling services that empower you to take part in community betterment and environment protection through responsible office/IT waste disposal. These services are geared towards helping corporations dispose office equipment and supplies through extensive processes that tend to eliminate the potential risks caused by hazardous IT waste.

Common e-waste recycling services

The most common e-waste services include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment disposal: This includes the recycling of plastic, metal, glass, Mercury, wood, toner and ink cartridges and circuit boards.
  • Data wiping and Hard disk shredding: The process of data wiping and hard disk shredding safely removes proprietary data. You can avail certified destruction through witnessed procedure.
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent lights disposal: Light bulbs disposal includes the safe disposal of Halogen, Incandescent, High intensity discharge (HID), Mercury vapor, Metal halide, High pressure sodium, LED and Quartz based products.
  • Safe disposal of Mercury containing devices: This process includes the safe disposal of Mercury Thermostats, Mercury Manometers/Barometers, Mercury Flame Sensors, Mercury Flow Meters, Mercury Float Switches, Mercury Thermometers and Commercial/Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipment.
  • Batteries: The recycling process safely disposes any form and type of industrial batteries.

Most electronic recycling companies in Dubai offer e-waste recycling for Surplus products, Beyond Economic Repair electronic equipment, equipments with defect and end of life industrial and IT products.

Benefits of employing recycling companies

Employing a recycling service does more than just dispose your office supplies; it allows you to protect proprietary business data through an extensive clean up that includes hard drive shredding and data wiping.  A professional e-waste recycling company offers a comprehensive set of services that include everything from battery disposal to crushing, retorting and separating mercury and other chemical based products. Recycling companies ensure that all your recycling needs are met under one roof and with an affordable budget. Your recycling company allows you to create an eco-friendly environment that directly contributes towards your reputation in the industry.

Before hiring a recycling company in Dubai, ensure that the company is approved by Dubai Municipality and offers a recycling certificate. Inquire about the waste disposal and management system of the recycling company before signing the contract to make sure that your company does not send the harmful waste substances to a landfill; the company must be able to perform a proper, safe disposal of the mercury-based industrial and IT products.

Find a reliable waste management and disposal company to ensure eco-friendly practices, today!

How to Make a Profound Environmental Impact with Responsible E-Waste Management in Dubai

Using E-waste Management Services in Dubai

Recycling is a crucial component for a healthy environment.  Without proper IT recycling and e-waste management, it is impossible to dispose the IT-based equipment.  Unfortunately, the recycling process in most areas is either weak or lack the extensive system that ensures responsible waste management. This article looks at how taking the responsibility for proper e-waste management can help you make a strong impact on the environment, and how it can affects your company’s reputation as a responsible corporate entity.

The recycling and e-waste management process

The e-waste products are divided into two main categories, namely recyclable products and disposable products. Generally, the recycling process starts within the company through the separation of recyclable items from the disposable items. Electronic recycling is utilized for IT based equipment and supplies that can be reused. On the other hand, e-waste management refers to the process of disposing off the harmful chemical substances, such as mercury, in a safe way to remove the potential risks.

Your recycling company can pick the two item categories (items for disposal and items for recycling) from your company. Responsible recycling companies ensure safe disposal of chemicals and IT equipment. Professional companies usually have regional certifications that vouch for their responsible recycling and e-waste management services.

Uncertified recycling companies dump disposable items in landfills as it is much cheaper than the rigorous processing of the disposable items, the process that most professional companies in Dubai carry for responsible e- waste management.

Responsible recycling vs. Dumping

As mentioned-above, responsible recycling refers to the utilization of thorough and systematic waste management procedures that ensure the disposal of harmful chemical present in various IT based equipment, and the recycling of the reusable items. In order to ensure that your recycling company is a responsible entity for the job, look for companies that are registered and are approved by Dubai Municipality. In addition, ensure that the company offers recycle certification that outlines how the processes have been carried out for your specific e-waste management services.

What you should do to ensure safe disposal?

E-waste recycling companies in Dubai offer a comprehensive set of services that are geared towards helping you dispose e-waste through proper procedures. By choosing a responsible company, you not only opt for a safe and responsible way of disposing your e-waste, but also fulfill your duty as an eco-friendly corporate entity that significantly contributes towards your reputation in the industry. Companies like Madenat Al Nokhba offer various e-waste management and recycling services that include, but are not limited to, electronic equipment recycling and disposal, batteries disposal, light bulbs disposal, data wiping and hard disk shredding, and chemical based electronic equipment disposal.

Each recycling and e-waste management service is designed to help you eradicate the potential risks associated with specific electronic devices and chemical based equipment. To learn more about e-waste management, talk to your local recycling center and ensure proper e-waste disposal. It is important to remember here that only professional, registered, recycling centers can help you contribute towards an eco-friendly environment. So, choose your company wisely.

Types of e-waste and the Significance of Proper Disposal

Understanding the types of e-waste and why proper Disposal is important

When it comes to e-waste recycling, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. You have to be responsible for the recycling of your office equipment and IT devices in order to ensure that your company contributes towards eco-friendly environment and fulfills its obligations as a responsible entity. However, before you decide about the e-waste management services, it is important that you have a clear understanding of types of e-wastes. This article highlights the types of e-wastes and why proper disposal is necessary.

Defining Electronic Waste

Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to the unwanted, obsolete or depreciated electronic products that are no longer in use and need to be disposed for organizational purposes. Due to rapid technological advancements, many IT devices become obsolete and require clearance from the work space. This is where the electronic recycling centers and e-waste management companies come in; these companies offer extensive e-waste management procedures that responsibly eradicate your IT junk.

Most Common types of e-waste

IT Equipment

IT equipment includes everything from CPU, laptops, mouse, screen, and keyboards to printers, video recorders and everything in between. Professional recycling companies ensure that all your out-of-use IT equipment is disposed properly through environment friendly procedures.

Office Electronic Equipment

Recycling companies easily manage office electronic equipment that can include typewriters, photocopy machines, desk calculators and telephones.

Office Appliances

Office appliances such as microwaves, electric radiators, air conditioner, electric heating devices, vacuum cleaners, clocks, and refrigerators are all included in e-waste management.

Office Lighting

Fluorescent tubes and bulbs, fluorescent lamps, high intensity lamps and lights, pressure sodium lights and lamps and any other form of lighting can be disposed using e-waste management services. E-waste recycling companies in Dubai offer extensive office lightening waste management to dispose florescent bulbs and lamps to help you conveniently dispose unused office lightening.

Automatic dispensers

Automatic dispencers usually have a shorter life span than the various other office equipment and IT devices. E-waste management services easily dispose automatic dispensers that are utilized in offices for hot and cold drinks and other products.

Office Monitoring Devices

Office monitoring and control devices, such as heating regulators, smoke detectors and thermostats, can also be disposed through e-waste management.


E-waste management covers all types of batteries, including lead, cadmium and nickel batteries.

Why proper disposal is important

All of the above-mentioned equipment and devices include stringent chemicals, plastic wires and other substances that require proper disposal procedures. Failing to do so can lead to serious environmental damage that is not repairable in most cases. This is why recycling plants and e-waste management companies exist; to ensure that harmful substances are dealt through appropriate actions that not only dispose the equipment at hand, but also eradicate the harmful effects of stringent chemicals and materials.

Before choosing a recycling center and e-waste management services, make sure that the company you are about to choose has the proper certification and follows the regulations through a systematic procedure. Only hire services from a professional e-waste management company in order to ensure responsible disposal of IT devices and equipment.

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Choosing Recycling for your Office Hardware

Environmental and Economical Contribution through Recycling

Recycling is the only way to protect environment and to keep our living space clean and hazard-free. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that recycling essentially allows us to eliminate the waste that can not only increase pollution and contaminate our environment, but can also increase our chances of exposure to viral diseases that can damage our health. This article focuses on the benefits of recycling your office hardware, and its contribution towards economy and environment.

It contributes towards Green Environment: It goes without saying that recycling, regardless of its type or nature, heavily contributes towards the Green environment. For those who are not aware, Green Environment refers to a concept of protecting environment by reducing the utilization of waste and recycling waste properly or disposing waste properly so it poses no harm to the environment. It is important to understand that our environment directly impacts our health, which is why the focus of recycling is pressed heavily in civilized societies; recycling allows us to contribute towards Green Environment that ultimately helps us build a hazard-free surroundings.

It Creates Jobs and strengths Economy: There are numerous e-waste recycling companies in Dubai that employ hundreds of employees to carry out day-to-day tasks of eliminating waste responsibly. Without these companies, we will not be able to make the impact that we make on our environment; we would not be able to contribute towards the Green Environment. Therefore, when you choose to recycle or dispose off your office supplies and hardware, you are directly contributing to the economy. It may seem like a trifling thing, but it makes a huge impact in the long run. Responsible companies in Dubai always choose to recycle their office supplies through reliable, certified recycling companies that take their job seriously.

It Allows Productive Office Space:  Electronic recycling is a great way to reduce office waste that cannot be disposed off otherwise. Office hardware cannot be just disposed off, it needs to be properly recycled in order eliminate the harmful chemical elements within the machines that could cause potential harm to the environment. The process of recycling does more than contribute towards a cleaner environment; it allows you to create productive office space, free from junk that just takes away more room. With regular recycling and proper disposal of office supplies, you can easily create office space that can accommodate your resources better.

Recycling office supplies the right way offers tremendous benefits for organizations in Dubai. The only thing that you need to do is to understand the importance of recycling; it’s impact on the environment and the economy. Recycling companies in Dubai offer comprehensive services that easily allow the disposal of chemical based equipment and recycling of office supplies that can be reused. Before approaching a recycling company, make sure that you understand your recycling requirements. You can also consult a recycling company to understand the extent of the services and pricing to make a decision according to your company’s budget. Choose a reliable recycling company today to make your contribution towards the environment and the economy.


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